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Questions and answers - Icetags

Delivery time?

It can take up to 10 days because we ship from the USA.
Is engraving on both sides possible?
Yes, but only the children bracelets and the shoe ID tags. The Sport ID bracelts can only be engraved on one side.
What about allergies, can you wear the bracelet when you have a sensitive skin.
When you have an allergy for silicone or rubber you should not wear our bracelets.
We are not aware of any allergic reactions to our bracelets due to a skin type.

Can children wear their Icetag in the swimming pool?
Absolutely! Just make sure to dry their bracelet and skin afterwards. 
Is the text engraved permanently?
Everything is laser engraved, therefore the text will not fade. 

Does the website show the entire Icetags collection?
In case you are looking for more then 200 custom made bracelet, we can arrange that as well. 

Shipment costs?
It depends on the number of bracelet.