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To avoid any misunderstanding please an explanation of our warranty below:


1 Year warranty on products bought before September 10, 2019

5 years warranty on the engraving bought after september 11, 2019

When you would like to use your warranty you will receive the exact same tag as ordered. In case information changed we kindly ask you to order a new tag.

Rubber/silicone bracelet

When you receive the bracelet please check if everything is ok. You have 14 days to try and test the bracelet from the day it arrived at your house. The warranty stops 14 days after receipt.

Rubber is very strong but it doesn't liked to be played with. Please don't pull and twist the rubber because then it will tear. When you wear it and don't play with it you can enjoy your bracelet for a very long time.

Tips to increase the life of the bracelet:

  • Don't wear it to tight around the wrist
  • no pulling/twisting the rubber
  • Avoid to leave it directly in the sun or on top of a heating. This will dry out the rubber